Planet & Equestrian Fashion Event


Planet clothing is known for their comfortable styles, natural materials and designs.  Planet designer Lauren Grossman loves to work with irish handkerchief linen, pima cotton, and washed silk organza. The color palette consists of soft hues of a natural element, such as sea, fog, putty and lots of white. The shapes are Japanese inspired, loose and away from the body working hand and hand with silhouettes that are soft and flowing. Together the fabrics and the body style enhance everyone’s figure. Planet clothing is size-less, season-less and age-less.


In 1990 Equestrian clothing began when the company’s founder wore her aerobic exercise pants to ride with her horse, she was surprised by the comfort and fit.  Taking the idea and creating the original design know as the “Miracle Pant”.  In 2004 the company was presented the opportunity to expanded the line and broaden the reach of their product beyond the equestrian realm.  Equestrian pants are known for their slimming effect and remarkable quality.