We’re mad for hats this spring!

Easter, Derby Day, Mother’s Day — all are perfect occasions to don something delightful on your dome! That’s why we’re hosting a unique pop-up exhibit of millinery creations in our windows at the Gaylord Street store in Denver.

All hats featured are handmade by students of Miss Victoria Regina, an award-winning milliner and instructor at The Art Students League of Denver. Victoria’s interest in hats was sparked at a young age on trips to London. Her studies in architecture and engineering led to a greater understanding of materials, which combined with her creativity, have redefined classic headwear. Victoria’s designs challenge conventions using new techniques.

Victoria’s classes, such as ‘Talk Derby to Me’ and ‘Mad Hatting’, show students ways to use millinery techniques to create their own unique wearables.

Hats will be on display and for sale between now through May 15, 2019. From festive to flirty, nothing says “hello spring” like a great hat. Hats off to Miss Victoria and her students for the fabulous designs. Come by and get in on the fun.