Layer on high style. Our fall Fashion Event features Xenia, Matthildur and Planet

Join us in Boulder on Wednesday, June 5th and Thursday–Saturday, June 6-8th in Denver to preview the fall collections of these innovative designers.

Xenia brings no shortage of unique fabrics, styles and layers to their Fall 2019 collection. These daring designers combine structure and flow, puncture the puffy coat, and add gravity-defying pockets to jackets, dresses, tops, vests and pants. Xenia expertly mixes delicate textures, such as mesh and lace, with geometric patterns and eye-catching metallics. Everything conventional ends up fabulous with the “XD” twist. These Croatian creations are truly sumptuous, or sassy, depending on how you combine them. Come in and have some serious fun with Xenia for fall—where black is anything but basic.

Matthildur is kicking off fall with stylish sweaters, amazing skirts, generous coats and their “M x Matthildur” collection — their “best shapes” that stand the test of time … and travel. All of these Icelandic designs, crafted in Perúvian cotton and jersey lycra, are incredibly wearable wherever you may wander. Choose from chunky knits, intricate textures, elegant winter whites, and distinguished lines designed into their dresses, tops, skirts, and pants. Explore the myriad of interchangeable styles and layers of Matthildur, then order your favorites for fall.

The 2019 fall collection from Planet features jackets like you’ve never seen before. Layer these stylish designs with generous, asymmetrical collars over their vast array of sweaters. Famous for their knits, their fall offering features new geometric motifs, poncho-like silhouettes, sleek dresses and a modern take on comfy hoodies. Each piece is crafted from the finest fabrics, such as pima-cotton, matte jersey, French terry, and washed silk organza. This season melds bold and sophisticated styles with subtle and refined textures. Planet’s contemporary designs offer versatility and ultimate comfort. Find your happy place with Planet in your fall wardrobe.

View Planet’s Fall Video